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Knowles Media Brokerage Services is a full-service agency located in Carroll, IA, offering sales, consultation, and appraisal services for print media owners nationwide.

Gregg K. Knowles, 63, the company's broker and owner, has over 28 years of actual newspaper and shopper publishing experience in Iowa and California, and 13 years of print media brokering.

Having founded five newspapers including one daily, one semi- weekly, and three weeklies, with shoppers, between 1983 and 1991, Gregg also bought and/or sold a total of 15 publications during his career. His newspapers were the recipients of more than 100 awards in state better newspaper contests over the years, and he has acted as a judge for many newspaper contests across the country.

Gregg served as a member of the board of directors of the Iowa Newspaper Association and was active on many state association committees. He continues to stay involved with current publishing issues and developments by attending various state and national meetings throughout the year.

Mr. Knowles and the company hold memberships in the National Newspaper Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, the California Press Association, and the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Gregg is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate as a Real Estate Broker.


Gregg K. Knowles is licensed as a Real Estate Broker by the California Department of Real Estate, as required by regulations of the State of California to conduct Business Opportunity and Real Estate Transactions.

Mr. Knowles is not licensed as a Real Estate Broker in any other state. Many states allow unlicensed persons to conduct sales of Business Opportunities but not Real Estate, including transactions involving leases. Mr. Knowles will comply with the regulations of each State involving a sale of your company, which may require him to affiliate with a licensed Real Estate Broker in that state in order to complete your transaction. In some states, an attorney involved in the transaction may able to comply with the Real Estate transaction regulations of the state. In any case, the brokerage fee due to Knowles Media Brokerage Services from a sale will include the cost of any affiliation.

Mr. Knowles will advise you of the requirements for your state prior to entering into an Agreement to represent you as either a Buyer or Seller. You may wish, and we so urge you, to discuss this matter with your attorney for clarification.

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